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Rental Terms & Conditions  

Usually, temporary rentals will be considered for 5 or more nights.
Reservations will be taken with the advance payment of 50% of the total rent.

If the guest needs to cancel a stay already reserved, and this cancellation is notified with 90 or more days in advance, 90% of the reservation amount will be reimbursed. If cancellation is notified between 90 days and 60 days in advance, reimbursement will be 60%. If cancellation is notified less than 60 days in advance, it will not be possible to guarantee any reimbursement, but we will do it for 50% of the amount if we can rent the apartment to another guest for approximately the same period.

Payments can be done effectivized through banking transferences to owners accounts in USA, Europe or Argentina, or via Paypal.

When the guest arrives on an agreed timeschedule, reconfirmed by phone one hour before, the owner or his previously nominated representative will meet him at the apartment, where the rental contract as well as the attached inventory will be signed, while the balance of the rent and the corresponding guarantee deposit are paid. This guarantee deposit of 500 USD covers losses, damages and breakages of installations, as well as noisy behaviour which originated complains from neighbors in the building, and will be reimbursed at check-out if all installations are then in the same condition as when entering the apartment.

The owner will hand over 2 sets of keys (To the apartment and to the building) to the tenant, as well as his coordinates in case of any requirement related to the apartment.

Shortly before ending the contract, the tenant will contact the owner in order to coordinate day and time for returning the apartment, the sets of keys and for reimbursement of the guarantee deposit.

You will be living in a privileged environment in an extremely quiet building, where your neighbors are usually grown-up people, not used to a noisy behaivory.
Also, they are not used to frequent change of neighbors (as in our apartment) and they might object, damaging so our business.
Therefore, it is very important to always maintain a quite behaviour, avoiding loud noises which could upset or anger your neighbors.

Please remember that we do not allow parties in our apartment, and that the guarantee which our guests leave us in deposit until the checkout (see above) covers not only damages to our property, but also noisy behaivor which creates complaints from other inhabitants of the building, affecting our ability to continue renting our place to visitors.

The most frequent problem our guests cause is not to close well the doors of elevators. This is problably due to the fact that most of them come from places where the doors close automatically. Please, when you close the doors of the elevator make sure they are firmly closed before you leave it.

Temporary rental contracts cannot be extended. They have a date of initiation and a date of expiration. Therefore, if the guest wishes to extend his stay in the apartment, he should contact the owner with the needed anticipation in order to allow him to prepare a new contract with the new dates (unless another guest has already made the corresponding reservation).

Rental amounts are not reimbursable.

In the case of rental contracts covering several months, where the rental is paid at the beginning of each month, if the guest decides to anticipate the end of the contract, he will need to give one month notice.

Check-in: 2 PM

Check-out: 10 AM

Many flights arrive during the morning.If a guest arrives before 2 PM, and the apartment is free, he can occupy it without paying any additional amount.

Similarly, departing flights are often after 8 PM. If the wished departure time of a guest were after 10 AM, and if there were no other reservation for immediate occupancy, he can stay at the apartment until his wished departure time, without any additional cost. This might benefit guests who take overnight flights.

The owner of the apartment reserves the right of admission.

As a sign of respect for later guests, it si strictly forbidden to smoke in the apartment. A deodorizing penalty of 500 U$S will be charged if this has not been respected.

This apartment allows a maximum of 5 (five) guests. Any infraction of this clause originates the immediate cancellation of the rental contract.

All guests must declare their complete names and ages, while presenting their corresponding ID´s at the check-in.

The guests will receive 2 complete sets of keys of the apartment and of the main entrance of the building. Additional sets will be invoiced at 40 USD per set. Failing to return the 2 sets at check-out will originate charging this amount per missing set.

Under any circumstance will the owner of the apartment be responsible for losses, thefts or damages to guest property or to their personal belongings. Guests are recommended to contract a travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.


Recoleta Buenos Aires rental apartment
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We offer you 2 different apartments on the same floor of the same building.
Both decorated by the same architect, in the same style and fully equipped.
Apartment Vienna has 3 Bedrooms, sleeps 5 and has 2 full baths.
Apartment Johann Strauss has 3 Bedrooms, sleeps 6, has 2.5 bathrooms. It is 10% larger and faces towards the river.

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